Yoga with a body-positive twist.

What is Big Booty Yoga?

A body positive, people forward yoga movement aiming to peacefully disrupt and break the yoga stereotype one chubby chatarunga at a time. Founder Kady Lafferty hosts classes, workshops, retreats, activism events and teacher trainings in various locations, centered out of Denver.

Big Booty Yoga believes that: loving yourself unconditionally will change the world, everything you are is enough and always has been, and most importantly, YOU matter.

Take a breath. Own your body.​ Conquer anything.

    Big Booty Yoga

    Core Values:

    Origin Story

    Yoga significantly changed the life of Big Booty Yoga’s founder, Kady Lafferty. A former social worker, Kady knew the feeling of being completely drained and how the yoga practice can positively shift so many aspects of someone’s life. Among other things, practicing yoga changed the way she felt about her body, from that growth, came the creation of Big Booty Yoga. Through classes, events and workshops Kady aims to share that there is no such thing as a “yoga body” and to inspire others to believe that they are capable of more than they can ever imagine.

    Creative Expression
    Fierce Acceptance
    Speaking Up & Being Seen
    Self Love
    Humble Gratitude

    Kady Lafferty

    A Denver- native, Kady Lafferty is an devoted and passionate yoga practitioner and teacher. Inspired by the likes of Dianne Bondy and Amber Karnes’ body positive yoga and her training in yoga philosophy and bhakti, Kady aims to make the ancient teachings of yoga more accessible for everyBODY and is a proud member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. Kady completed her 500 Hour Advanced Teaching Training at The River Yoga Studio and completed advanced training under Bhakti Flow creator Rusty Wells in San Fransisco. Her experience in Social Work and various trainings instilled a passion for social justice, music and devotion as a tool for personal growth. One of her great loves is learning and she continues to regularly seek education. Kady is energetic, affable and the first person to lean into a hug.