Social Justice

Outside of yoga the Founder of Big Body Yoga (BBY), Kady, has always worked in equity and social impact. Social justice is woven into the core of this movement since BBY came about in an effort to welcome more body sizes and lived experiences to the yoga mat- a place that historically does not feel welcoming to those outside the Western-influenced stereotypical yoga body. Yoga and social justice are inextricably connected. Yoga philosophy sees every person as connected, the same- we are not different and all have a spark of divinity within us.

But if we look at the world around us, it is clear that “sameness” does not translate across all aspects of society. There are systemic barriers that cause inequities in accessing many resources and basic human rights.The practice of yoga is to reduce harm, be truthful, see the divinity in all living beings and connect to our higher selves– that is not possible if you turn away and pretend we do not exist in a society where very real systems of injustice actively prevent some of us from living with abundance, choice and power. Because the practice of yoga is not just postures, but philosophical principles, social and racial justice are an extension of the practice of yoga. We are all in it together.

Yoga + Activism

Check out some of  BBY’s past events below and keep an eye out for future activism opportunities.

DownDogs + Democracy: Immigration

Kady Lafferty of BBY hosts yoga and advocacy for immigration. 120 grassroots actions were taken to support Dreamers.

Prince Yoga w/ BBY for PRIDE

Kady Lafferty of BBY hosts a Prince themed purposeful flow to support LGBTQIA+ rights. Over 100 actions taken to support the #EqualityAct.