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Kady Lafferty

The Founder of Big Body Yoga (BBY), a Denver native and current Virginia resident Kady Lafferty is an devoted and passionate yoga practitioner and teacher. With a background in social work Kady sees yoga and social justice as inextricably connected. Kady aims to make the ancient Indian teachings and postures of yoga more accessible and founded Big Body Yoga (formerly Big Booty Yoga), an online yoga studio that is physically and financially accessible, in recognition of the drastic change yoga had on her relationship with her body and the desire to open this revolutionary practice to everyBODY. She playfully says BBY is “breaking the yoga stereotype one chubby chatarunga at a time.” With over 600 hours of training, one of Kady’s great loves is learning and she continues to regularly seek yoga, anti-racism and social justice education. On a typical day you can catch Kady participating in some form of movement, working her 9 to 5 that is focused on yoga and equity, leading yoga classes with an upbeat playlist and down to earth theme, chasing after her wonderfully wild toddler Opal or listening to a podcast/audiobook that challenges our collective societal indoctrination. Kady is affable, upbeat, warm and always leans into a hug.

Donesia Rose

Donesia is a vivacious plus size woman of African, Indigenous Potowatomi and Filipino descent.

She found self love and acceptance through her yoga and meditation practice where she ultimately discovered her calling as a yoga and meditation instructor.

Donesia is now on a mission to change the perception of a stereotypical yoga instructor and help the community find self love and acceptance through their own practice.

Donesia Rose

Hey y’all, I’m Steph and I practice under Black Unicorn Collective.  My journey to yoga begins like many, I was in search of a way to experience and unite my spiritual learning to my physical being.  After a life-changing event, I started practicing yoga a bit more consistently and a more devoted practice was born that helped me find both a 200hr and 300hr teacher training to deepen my own yoga practice.  It is with this foundation that I practice and offer classes under Black Unicorn Collective.  I am rooted in a yoga practice that can create spaces of sanctuary and community,  that centers  social justice and equity and that honors the indigenous origins and roots of yoga.  I am honored to share a yoga practice that celebrates our own unique experience in our bodies, honoring the truth of our lives, and celebrates the magic of being our uniquely human selves!

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